Family run. Quality driven.

Ocean Breeze is a family-run cannabis business in Gloucester, Massachusetts— cultivating landrace, heirloom, and classic strains for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a deeper connection to their experience.


We’re in pursuit of landrace and heirloom strains that provide depth and layers that can only be found in their original terroir.


Our pre-rolls are packed with the finest flower. Plus, they’re discreet, disposable, and easily shared with friends.


We take pride in our concentrates, including vaporizing oil and dabbing extracts that include distilled and isolated cannabinoids.


Our edibles — including chocolate, lozenges, and gummies — are carefully crafted by the Ocean Breeze Executive Infusion Chef.

Our Facility

Equipped with the latest tech, and paired with time-tested methods that have a proven track record of success, our facility is 43,000 square feet and includes 2,200 square foot grow rooms built with insulated aluminum panels, multiple-tier growing tables, air movers in each room, and third-party nutrient monitoring. Our lighting system includes LEDs supplemented with a mixed checkerboard spectrum of HPS and CMH—providing the perfect combination for healthy and vibrant plant growth.

Where to buy

Our store is coming soon, but you can get our products today at the following retail locations:

Join our team

Ocean Breeze Cultivators is seeking loyal, hard working candidates to join our talented team! If you’re interested in a position with us, and believe you have what it takes, please fill out the application and submit your resume. Must be 21+ to apply.

Ocean Breeze Cultivators

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